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Do I need to be a Master Trainer to train teachers in my studio?

With our program you do not have to become a master trainer. Our curriculum provides you wil all of the tools to train qualified Pilates instructors at your studio. You infuse your background and knowledge with our structured teaching software to lead your training.

How does my training collect money from the trainees?

As a subscriber to our software program for training teachers you collect the money, keep the revenue and pay Pilates Education Institute for access to the training curriculum.

How much does it cost to add a teacher training to my studio?

There is a yearly subscription fee of $4999 (currenly on sale for $3999 for the first year!) Once you purchase the subscription the only additional fee is the enrollment for your trainees. Here is how that works:

  1. The trainee enrolls in your program.
  2. You provide them with the link to sign up to access materials for $19/month.
  3. You provide us with the trainee sign up information and your training dates.
  4. We open up access to your trainees the week before your training begins.

How much revenue can my studio generate from offering a teacher training?

On average a Pilates Teacher Training program charges $4999 - $7999 depending on the amount of information you are covering, geographical area, etc.
If you charge $4999 you will profit with only one trainee. If you have 3 trainees sign up you will add an addtional revenue stream to your studio of $11,000. Plus, if you hire your new trainees you will be expanding your schedule which will help to grow your Pilates business!

Do I need to be certified to be a Pilates Teacher Trainer?

No, there is no governing body that certifies Pilates trainers.

Do I need state licensing to train Pilates teachers?

Some states consider Pilates teacher training a "vocational training" and require state licensing of the organization. Studios utilizing PEI curriculum have received state licensing in several states, including Colorado. Colorado is one of the states where training Pilates teachers falls under the doamin of the state board of education.

Are there any other licenses required to train my own teachers?

Check with your local city ordinances but it most cases if you are operating a Pilates studio and training clients, you can also train teachers. We offer you all of the enrollment forms, cancellation policies and pricing recommendations to make the business end of starting and running a training go more smoothly.

Does the PMA have to approve my training?

The Pilates Method Alliance is a membership organization that does not govern the operation of any Pilates business. They do offer a 3rd party certification exam and graduates of your training (using our curriculum) will meet the requirements to take that exam. The PMA also has launched a program called the PSAP, where you can apply after a few years of training teachers to have your school included in their directory. We suggest exploring that option thoroughtly as it does impose some restrictions on your training program and it is not "required" for your trainees to take the PMA®-CPT exam.

How long has Pilates Education Institute been around?

PEI launched the first teacher training option for studios to train their own teachers in 2013. A need was discovered by our founder who wanted to add a quality education program to her small studio but there was no option for her to train teachers except becoming a Host Studio for another school, which required 10 trainees minimum, or taking time away from her business to pay a teacher training company to become a Master Trainer under their business name. After creating forms, manuals, photographing thousands of exercises, writing curriculum, tests and answer keys and much more, she realized that there were other studios out there with the same desire. To train their own teachers! PEI has provided curriculum and training materials to more than 100 studios and many hundreds of trainees have gone through programs using the program that started in our director's first studio!

What do you mean by Pilates Teacher Training "Software"?

Originally, our materials were built into a downloadable manual type of program and delivered to studios electronically to print and use for trainings. As we added new exercises, updated photos, built a library of Pilates and Anatomy terms and began including teacher training guides and tools, the files became large and hard to download and expensive to print. It was always our vision to provide all of the training materials in a college like text book format delivered similar to a distance learning education program. 2 years ago we found the technology that worked perfectly and now over 1000 pages of materials are available to access by logging into this software program. Interactive libraries of information included within the body of text and training materials makes this the most comprehensive Pilates training tool available in the industry!

Is this an online training?

No, the Pilates Education Institute teacher training software is utilized within a studio environment like a manual or textbook but without harming the environment with large paper files and materials.

How do trainees take notes?

Since the learning material is accessed on a computer or tablet (even a smart phone!) a trainee can take notes in a computer document or we provide a downloadable PDF booklet for each lecture module that you can customize with your studio name and print for each trainee to take written notes during the session.

How do we test the trainees?

Tests are included (with answer keys for your reference) for each section of the training. There is also a Comprehensive written test and Practical assessment for you to use. These are only included in the studio version of the training software. Your trainee receives access to only the student version.

Can I get a printed version?

We will gladly take a request for a printed version of the training materials. Keep in mind that any printed version will be of the most recent updated version and not include future updates. We will provide you with a quote for an additional fee for the printed version and walk you through the benefits of utilizing the interactive software versus printing a manual.

How do trainees have access to their materials after training is over?

Most trainees remain active with their $19/month subsription to their training materials even after the training has ended. We provide teacher in training tools, downloadable forms and updates to both curriculum as well as class plans and teacher support tools. If a trainee is ending training and a request is made for a paper version we will accomodate that request on a case by case basis.

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